Only admin user to see the video

with non-admin user, the videos do not open. Even if the user is authorized to see them

I have just set up 4 different users with different privileges and each user have only access to view live to what I setup in the configuration. As you say even if the See Library is checked the user cannot see these videos. If you in in the Library select all videos all videos are listed. If you select the videos you should see, they are none in the Library.
This issue have been up before and it is tricky every time ;). I let @Steve our programmer have a loo at this again.

hi Henrik,
in fact i meet the problem when i try to play a video from the library.
I await your news

Please give a try to:

It should address the problem

My tests are actually on 1365.

Not this morning’s one :slight_smile:

Sorry, I am 5 hours after and you can do a lot in 5 hours ;). Yes, this seems to be correct.

good job.
I’m using the official version 1.3.6 and the problem seems solved.

thank you