onMotionStart source 1 is missing 2 second buffer on source 2 and 3


Hi there,
At this moment I use the Motion Detection on one of my sources and this works perfectly.
As i understood there is always a 2 second buffer which will also be recorded before the trigger event occurs,
This also works perfectly on source 1
But, via the Rule Manager i have create 2 onMotionStart events so source number 2 and 3 are also starts recording.
This works but on source 2 en 3 i miss the 2 second buffer.
Is this something i can configure?



There is a buffer (FIFO) so when a trigger occurs the first values corresponding to about 2 seconds are saved. The default configuration is MotionStart for any camera and StartRecording for current source. That will give you the buffer for all cameras. Do not make any extra Rules.