Onvif device information


What utility do you recommend to find the ip address of the onvif device. I have downloaded the onvif device manager from soundforge but find it does not show all of the onvif devices on my network. I discovered a utility device manager for my android phone called IP Centcom which seems to discover all of my onvif devices on my network and gives all parameters which facilitates installing them in NCS…but unfortunately does not work on windows desktop…

Is there any other onvif device manager that will discover all of my onvif compliant cameras…

Perhaps there is another way of getting ONVIV parameters that I am unaware of.

Appreciate any info


Hi there and thanks for info.
ONVIF is a very good step on the way, but not yet as stable. I don’t know why, but hopefully it will get better with time. The detection is still in software so …
For Windows the ODM is the best one that I know. If we mean the same IP Centcom they also have an App fior Windows 10.