ONVIF - multiple networks

The ONVIF set up on NSC doesn’t see any of my ONVIF enabled cameras and I have about 6. Also there is no way to change the network it is looking on… it defaults to the network the server is on. I have multiple networks that are all reachable or should be. Maybe a future version?

Hi KillJoy!
Yes, ONVIF detection has been somewhat problematic. However, I have just got in my computer NCS 1.3.6 with a completely redesigned ONVIF detection system. So now I can see all my ONVIF cams which I couldn´t before. So, good news.
We need to test version 136 for a couple of more days before it is released to the public since we also have implemented an optional new system that will lower the CPU load. Also, good news I hope.
I have also multiple LANs that I would like to reach. Under Network I have also the server default LAN, but also some others that is not in my LAN neighborhood. If this is a limitation in ONVIF or due to something else I do not know, but I forward this to our developers @Steve to comment on.

Sounds good Henrik… I will look for the new release.
Thank for the reply.

You can grab it from here and give it a try: