Onvif setting using custom password (not default "admin" password)

Hello. How configure NetCam to connect using custom password for admin on Onvif configuration. If I set my camera (Ip Cam with Onfiv) with admin and password admin, it’s working, but if I use a custom password, the conection is not make. Is something I make wrong? Please help me to use custom password (not admin) when I use Onfiv configuration on credentials field.

That has nothing to do with NCS. It has to do with how the camera works. I have also an ONVIF camera where I must use 2 different passwords depending on logging in to the camera (custom pwd) or streaming video where only default pwd works. It is a bug in the firmware I should say. Contact the manufacturer about this and see if they have an updated firmware.
Test the following:
When added the camera by ONVIF and it works go to the tab for Custom URL. There you should have the URL that the camera use for streaming. In that URL change the default password to the custom password and see if that works.


Tanks for your reply. I will try that and I hope to work.