ONVIF support details


what parts of ONVIF specification besides Discovery are supported by NCS? Is for example video analytics and events supported so that motion detection built-in to the camera can be used to trigger recordings?


Hi Martin!
At this time only Discovery, connection URL, is supported by NCS.


I too would like to see further ONVIF support. So many NVR type applications either rely on camera analytics completely or not at all. I would like a choice to use one or the other — or better yet BOTH so that there is extra confidence even on basic motion. It might help filter out false alarms if motion events were corroborated by two completely separate platforms. Events detected by only one or the other could still be acted on as a warning or low confidence alert.

For cameras with on-board storage I have to go through the trouble to configure motion and possibly other events… and knowing that ONVIF standard allows easy exchange, I find it unfortunate when I cannot use it in the NVR.


Yes, it’s interesting. There are sooo many cams on the market today so I would appreciate if you can help me with brand and model of a cam or two that have these festures within their onvif specification. PTZ also :slight_smile:


I’m not sure if I follow your question, Henrik. Most cameras these days have on-board motion and output alerts – and I’m under the impression that the alerts are via ONVIF. Is that what you are asking?

As for other “analytics” features, I am going to give Dahua cameras with IVS a try. I assume they put out ONVIF notifications for the various functions and I would like to see NVR software makers start to support them rather than try to do it all themselves.

Interoperability is a wonderful thing!


Yes, I certainly agree and as you say Interoperability is a wonderful thing! However, that is highly dependent on that ALL camera manufacturers follow the standards. Many of them follow to a certain extent and then they do some extra stuff that messes up. We have been looking into onvif PTZ and so far many have discovered that it depends on manufacturer. Many manufacturers do the whole product line with camera-nvr-software. Doing so they quite often make features that only work in their own system. When producing cameras, software etc. you must also know who your customers are or will be.
I would say that this area have been around for some time, but during the last 2-3 years it has evolved quickly and it will continue to do so. I went to the website above and onvif is specified on some cameras, but what really is included in the onvif I cannot find.

However, it certainly looks very interesting and if you continue please report back if you find a lot of goodies included in the onvif standard. :wink:



Most cameras these days will do ONVIF motion notifications and I would assume other alert type notifications are very similar. Some software only does ONVIF for motion detection and I think it isn’t so complicated to pick up these alerts vs trying to do more complicated stuff like control PTZ or even settings on the camera.

One analytic function I am definitely going to implement one way or another is “missing object detection” – and if I have to, I’ll just setup a completely separate notification system for that, maybe just relying up on the stuff in the camera to FTP and email about it.