Open in Explorer wanted feature


I just discovered NetcamStudio X a few days ago and until now (used many other app before like Contacam, iSPy, Motion…).

First of all, NetcamStudio look great, easy to use, cool user interface, seems stable (using it with two ESCAM QD900 thru WiFi for now).

Now I used it a bit I do have a few suggestions :

  • When you list recordings in Library it could be usefull to have a “Open file in Explorer” context menu so you can access it directly and do whatever you want (copying, open it with some tools…).

  • When you multi-select recordings in library it could be usefull to see a Selection Total Time and Total Size in status bar

  • Galley view in Library do not follow the selection shortcut keys (mean shift+arrows do not select for example) or do the wrong thing, for example home/end keys do not go first or last record but first and last Tab so it go to first Tab (Gallery) or last Tab (List view).

I think i’ll have more suggestions soon :wink:


Hi there,
Thanks for the positive words! I discovered Netcam Studio myself for about a year ago and like it a lot and is now helping others ;).

There are always things that can be improved so thanks for the suggestions and welcome back with more :wink:


Still about the Open in Explorer wanted feature, here is an example, I have a buch of videos and I want to copy them all in a special folder, this is not easy at all to do because I do have to guess the real file name in Explorer then check them all one by one to be sure they are the one I really want, then I can copy them away.

And finally the goal is to select them all and merge into one main video (for this I use VideoToVideo freeware tool) this is also something that could be great is done directly from inside NetcamStudio, you multi select, right click, then “Merge into one file” with a “Save as…” dialog box.

But being able to multiselect inside NetcamStudio and then “report” this selection in Explorer would be very convenient.

I have requested all of these features that you have asked for myself! Open file location in Explorer, multiple select in Gallery view with shift+click, ctrl+click, etc. Thanks for suggesting them too, maybe this will give more priority to them!

See here Add Library menu option to "Open folder" where video is located

and here: Issues with deleting items from the Library

Hi guys!

Yes, I want that to! I have a huge Excel sheet with good proposals. Our developers are working on “next generation” in which (I also) like more of these features. However, as you know it is always an interesting balance between license fee and performance/features. It would be interesting to have your thought about that. Just remember, there is nothing like a free lunch ;).

It could be interesting to check with competitor’s features like Contacam (freeware) or BlueIris (just to quote two of them but I tested many and not counting my own app I made because I could not find some specific features I needed) but for now NetcamStudio have very basic GUI missing features and bugs and I am a bit surprised they have not been added/fixed long time ago but may be NetcamStudio is not well known and not sold enought to push it to higher development priority, it’s always the same with the time/value balance.