Outdated even when installed

My computer (windows 10) did an update and when Netcam loaded it gave me a “this version is outdated” kind of error, downloaded the and I still have the same error, 32 or 64 bit. I did a clean install (removed all appdata and all the recommended stuff). Still won’t run.

To Hank, yes as this user says, only happened AFTER windows latest update.

As mentioned in other posts the free version is outdated and will be replaced with a new free version.

When will it be replaced??

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That’s interesting that you would discontinue something and not have a replacement already available. Perhaps it’s time to move on to bigger and better…


Odd approach, so you basically leaving people without a running security CCTV system without any warning. Seems unprofessional and basically leaving people to sort themselves out and move onto something else :frowning:

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Are you running Netcam in mission critical situation? My understanding, from a similar thread, is that the licensed version in unaffected.

Of course it’s unaffected, that’s how they get you to ‘pay’ for things. The fact there was no warning or anything for the free version - also, I don’t need 4-16 cameras and hundreds of notifications per day… I have 2 cameras that I monitor around my house that is all.

I think that is a very cynical attitude. You are suggesting that this bug was introduced on purpose to force people to pay the developers.

It seems to me that you are also suggesting that people who develop software that is being used in a mission critical situation, such as yours, do not deserve to be paid.

This ‘bug’ does not affect the paid version, correct? So money makes the bug go away, that is bad marketing. I don’t understand why you keep having to say “mission critical” and it took you 5 minutes of “replying” to type that short sentence. You are not offering help, you are basically plugging the paid version. Perhaps I would consider the paid version but to have the free one die without warning but the paid one is fine is beyond my comprehension of what a company would do. That rant took me 1 minute to type.

I think carefully before I write as succinctly as possible. I do not “rant.” Does that sufficiently answer your ad hominem?

I said that it was “my understanding” that the licensed version was unaffected. I suggest you go to that original, longer thread to read for yourself to see if your understanding will be the same.

I use the term “mission critical” because I believe that anyone who uses software that must not fail should be prepared to ensure that the people who developed that software have food on their tables.

Your mileage may vary.


Interesting that the error log says it is outdated and to download a NEW version OR enter a key to continue using the current one. If the current one doesn’t work as it’s outdated, the KEY is literally the key to fixing this ‘bug’, please, correct me if I’m wrong or do I pay $49USD to have the same outdated issue? I would really like to know.

Eric, I really do suggest that you take the time to read the original, longer thread. It might help you understand what’s going on a bit better. There is a workaround that is suggested there that seems to work.

It is not a fix, but a workaround that will help you get back up and running until the developers find and eradicate this bug and issue a new version.

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Yes, the workaround works but knowing that the developer had a temper tantrum and all the responses makes me, and I’m sure a lot of others, wonder if this is a viable product.

Hi guys,
Here is the workaround from the other the other thread by zippydo

This is a temporary solution that may work. It did restore my test configuration…

    1. Close NetCam serverx
    1. Change the system date to one month prior.
    1. Restart NetCam
    1. Change the date back to today.

As long as you don’t close the application, it appears to operate…

Again, this is not a fix… just a temporary workaround that appears to work on my test bed…

I hope the new release eill be in place soon. In the meantime use the above workaround.

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Thanks for the re-date tip.
Currently a happy user, with an eye to forking out the fifty bucks when I add another couple of cams. This is why the freeby version has been so handy until now - as I’ve only one cam up at the moment.