Overlay picture via url

I am attempting to overlay a jpeg by url. The jpeg would be coming from another camera on the system.

The image displays in a browser using:(http://XXXXX.229:8100/jpeg/0?authToken=xxxxxxx), but will not popular the overlay?

Most likely it do not work since it is two different processes. The Picture Url is a fetch process that fetches an image in a folder. The URL with the Token in it is a push process that pushes an image to a web page. You cannot combine these two. The picture must be located in a folder where it can be fetched. Usually this works best if you use the FTP upload of a picture from the camera of interest and always use the same name of the picture file.

In the Picture Url you use the same file name picture.jpg for NCS to fetch as the overlay.
I think it´s a limit for the picture to be max 250 kB.