P2P IPCamera Help! please


I cannot get the P2P IPCamera to show up on screen. I have moved to another area of Blackpool, and there is free internet in the building. A shared modem. I have connect the camera to my laptop via Ethernet Cable, and the Netcam studio is not detecting it. I would really appreciate your help, please? Thank you.


If you have connected the IP camera directly to the laptop the camera must have a static IP set and the laptop must also have static IP. The camera and the laptop must be on the same LAN., Much better and easier if you connect the camera to the LAN so the router in the house handles the DHCP. This seems to be a special for your building so I suggest that you talk to the person who manage the network in your house to get it right.


The estate agent who runs this building is not going to start letting me/bothering, to set up my LAN on the router.
I have no admin rights to the router either, so I genuinely do not think the Landlord/Estate Agent for the property is going to bother.
There seems to an aerial on my Camera P2P IPCamera, but have not been able to connect to it/get my laptop to detect it.
I don’t even know how to open a ‘PORT’ on my laptop to give access to my Netcam app.

Is there another way to do this, please?


If you don’t know the IP of the camera I would do a factory reset of the camera and start all over. On the camera it should say default IP and logins. Connect it to your laptop and configure it so it connects to the wifi network. Then it should be on the same LAN as your computer running Netcam Studio and NCS should be able to detect it since it use ONVIF:


There is no means of resetting my P2P IPCamera at all.
I cannot see one anyway.
Should I take a video screen cast of whatis happening etc, so you know what the problem is.
Please assist. I really do not want to inconvenience you.
Thank you Henrik.


Sure do that and also picture how you connect it to Netcam Studio.


I will do that Henrik.
I did find a reset switch, but it had no obvious effect.
BRB soon.


Send also a link so I know which camera it is.






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