Performance NVIDIA GRID K1

i have 2 GPUs NVIDIA K1 and 8 Cores of an Xeon E5-2620 with 8 GB of RAM.
But i have very mutch CPU Load but not so mutch on GPU what did i do wrong?

NVIDIA Tool shows that NETCAM Studio Uses the Grafikcard:

May someone can help me?
In an temp solution i used a NVIDIA Quadro with this card i had about 50% CPU with the same Settings.

Not necessarily anything wrong. Graphic cards differs al in performance so which model of NVIDIA Quadro did you use?

Hi Henrik,
it was a Nvidia Quadro 2000.
The K1 should be newer and more powerfull

Are there new and more efficient drivers to K1 to download?

no i use the latest onec… can i add more? the K1 is 4 Graphics cards in one and i can add as mutch as i need into this VM

Actually, this is quite interesting and your observation above about the difference in CPU load with the different graphic cards is most likely correct. I am learning more just now and will update my post :slight_smile:
There are 2 GPU’s. It is only NCS running on this VM that can use the GPU’s? Can you please do the following:
1.I would like to use only one GPU. Please remove one and test with exactly the same NCS. CPU load is of interest.
2.In Settings and Decoding use only the CPU (no HW acceleration). CPU load is of interest.
Important: if you run NCS X do not have a video showing.

So i know testet the steps you told me.
But i removed the Driver completly and reinstalled it.
first: i removed the second GPU.
second: i tested the different with decoding in CPU and with Hardware.
I now have that what i exepctet:


But than next question: Why is the Encoder not in use?
I Used it in the Settings:

Excellent and thanks for doing the tests.
This is what I expected. One can think that the more GPU´s the better. However, what happens is that the CPU must administrate more and more. First which of the GPU´s to send data to and second administrate the data communication between the CPU and GPU and third combining the data. This administration takes a lot of CPU power and therefore it increased to around 90%. In this case using only one GPU is much more efficient. Most likely it is necessary to have a more powerful CPU to handle multiple GPU´s.

There is also a difference between the graphics cards as they use different technologies. The older Quadra 2000 use a technology that focus on decoding of h264/265 data streams. The newer graphics card Grid K1 use a technology that focus on encoding of h264/265 data streams to produce higher quality video content on monitors.

The last question why according to the Task Manager the Encoder is not in use. Is NCS in motion detection or is it set to continuous record a video stream? There are two things involved here. If set to Motion detection NCS will use so little of the GPU encoding power that it do not show. Second is that the Task Manager has problems to show correct data depending on internal or external GPU. The Decoding seems always correct, but encoding is not always correct. If you have another program that shows the Nvidia GPU load it might be better.

Ok thanks a lot for your awnser. did you know a program to show gpu load?

Not any specific, but Nvidia must have programs for monitoring of their own GPU. Look at their website where you downloaded the driver.

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