PIR sensor to trigger recording?


Can you use a PIR to trigger rcording?


Hi Mikael!
Some cameras have actually PIR already built in. But, you would like to use PIR sensor for better … ?
Yes, why not. In the department of Global Manager together with Rule Manager that is maybe possible. You should know about JSON I would assume. When I check it only says Create so maybe it is only writing and not reading. I can also imagine that it might be a security problem to open up for reading external variables? But, maybe @steve can give you a better answer.


Yes you can but anyway it will require an additional piece of software in the middle. Something that can actually read / receive information from the PIR sension and that will make a webservice call to Netcam Studio (StartStopRecording method) when this is required.

There is no built-in solution for this however Netcam Studio has been designed to be easily controllable from other applications (even remotely).