Playback is reversed

I am using a Foscam camera and have it mounted upside down. I changed the settings in the camera to flip the view so the orientation is correct on the live feed. When I view recordings they are reversed or flipped - using VNC and cannot find option to correct it.

Hi Thomas!
I am not sure what VNC is, but when you add a source in Netcam Studio you can change the orientation of the image. So you mean that the live video in NCS have a different oriantation than the recorded video?

That is correct - the live video is correct but recordings are flipped and reversed. VNC is a video player…


VNC I know. Are we talking about VLC media player or VNC viewer for remote control? VNC needs a server.

My bad VLC Media Player…sorry about that.

OK, fine. Interesting, because then it must be live view from one channel and recording from another channel from the cam. Use the orientation setting in the Add source so the live view looks like on the recording (flipped and reverted). Then it should be correct on the recording?
Do not use the flip function in the cam. Use the flip function in NCS instead. What happens?

I tried default in camera settings and then flip 180 in NCS but now it’s flipped and reversed on my phone app and cannot change - recording is still not correct.

Hi Thomas!
Now I have been changing orientation both in the camera and in NCS and the recorded video and the live video always follows each other. I assume that you connect the phone app directly to the cam and not via NCS. That explains the difference in phone app and NCS. However, I cannot reproduce what your write.
Something must be messed up in the config files. Uninstall NCS completly iincl. files in ProgramData - Moonware foler. Install again.

Yes I use ISpy and TinyCam on my phone and they both follow the cam settings…I’m stumped.