Pre record buffer?

Is there any pre-record buffer option available in NCS ? this is very usefull to check for example 3 seconds before the motion record start.

For example my automatic IR motion outdoor light went crazy (going on/off many times for no reason) and this procduced a lot of false alerts and watching the video (camera was IR mode) showed no moving activity as the record started once the light was ON.

But as I had another camera aside that can send small movies (with pre-record buffer) then I had the answer and saw the reason.

Actually, I had this question myself for some time ago and there is not setting for that, but it is about 2 seconds.

do you mean there is already a 2 seconds prebuffer saved into video file ?

(again no email notification received for your answer ?)

Yes. According the earlier info it is. I found it here Motion config question
I don´t get email notification either all the time. Just from your last post. I have to ask why.

I’ll check this but if my camera’s framerate flow is lower then 25 img/s then prebuffer should be longer than 2 seconds isn’t it ?

In Settings - Recording you have Images per second that decides what is recorded and default is 25 frames/s. So cam and this should match or the camera should have a higher frame rate. Depending on how fast the object it moving.