Preventing multiple clips for single process

I’m getting some excellent results with my installation of Netcam Studio but I have one problem. I am monitoring a robot that pauses for up to 30 seconds at different steps in its process. Each pause triggers capture of a new clip. I would like to be able to prevent this happening and store the whole process in a single clip. Is there a way to do this?

Why not use continuous recording since you seems to know when the robot starts and stops.

Thanks Hendrik. I don’t know when the robot starts and stops, only that it pauses for varying lengths of time. With a little trial and error, I worked out that setting “Trig Duration” to 40 seconds solves the problem for me and I now have recordings that are only limited by the maximum recording time of 10 minutes. This works really well, keeping the clips from fragmenting whilst also making them not too big. Great piece of software!

Excellent, you found that. That was my next suggestion :).