Pricing for Netscam Studio Upgrade

Hi all,

I’ve been using the trial version for a month now as a replacement for ZoneMinder and controlling 4 cameras at home. I’ve now decided to buy the upgrade as it does everything I want and I can now turn off another virtual machine. The interface and features have sold me.

The prices on the website are stating that for 4 cameras it will cost 45 EUR / 49 USD but when I click to buy, the prices come up as 54 EUR / 58.80 USD.

My question really was is that correct? I don’t want to pay to find out it’s a mistake. I was prepared to pay but coming from using Open Source software, it’s still an extra $10 that I didn’t expect to pay on top.



I have verified and the price in the e-commerce platform seems correct.

Then depending the country you’re in, some taxes may be added (in most cases VAT).