Problem adding onvif camera

Hello there,
I have 3 onvif cameras. I added 2 of them to NCS. But I can not add the other camera. Add onvif profile I do not open any profile. Camera brand: OwlCat
Thanks for your help.

Are all 3 cameras the same or is this one another brand/model? On this one make sure that you have the latest firmware instilled in the camra.

All different models.

If this do not work download Onvif Device Manager and connect to the camera. From there you get the URL that you can use in the tab Custom URL.

Hello there,
I ran it at rtsp: // 8554/0. But I can not add PTZ controls.

Yes, that will only get you video/audio. To get PTZ it must be added with onvif or a template. With a template the commands for how to control ptz must be found. The cams seems not to fully comply with the onvif standard. Contact the manufacturer or buy a cam like the one that works.