Problem generate html with netcam studio

Normally i generate Html Jpeg as follow and works great.

I’ve installed new camera Hikvision and all works great but i can not generate html jpeg.
(is all the same change only ID) but it don’t get the immage
Can someone help me?
/**/ <! –
img id=“jpeg_13” width=“640” height=“352”>
script type=“text/javascript”>
var camera_13 = {
addEvent: function(elem, event, func ){
if (typeof (window.event) != ‘undefined’)
{elem.attachEvent(‘on’ + event, func);}
{elem.addEventListener(event, func, false);}
initCamera: function(jpeg, serverUrl, token, id, interval){
this.addEvent(jpeg, ‘load’, function(){setTimeout(function() {camera_13.showJpegFrame(jpeg, serverUrl, token, id);}, interval);});
this.showJpegFrame(jpeg, serverUrl, token, id);
showJpegFrame: function(jpeg, serverUrl, token, id){
jpeg.src = serverUrl+“/Jpeg/”+id+“?authToken=”+token+“&”+new Date().getTime();

camera_13.initCamera(jpeg_13, “”, “53754b17-0621-42a2-967f-e059944c891e”, 13, 40);
" >! – /**/

Are you sure this is correct: img id=“jpeg_13” width=“640” height=“352”> ? If width and height is to much off it sometimes do not show video.
Do not use the Admin account for this since the token will change.
I recommend to use Stream Type MJPEG.


Thanks Henrik, works great… without administrator and MJPEG