Problem Motion Detection Zones


Version 1.7.0

I select the motion detection zone, it’s works good. I restart the computer, and all the motion detection zone selected before disappear.

How to make it permanent?



Test this first. When selected detection zones and saved 2 times, exit Netcam and start again. Are the zones still there or gone?
If they are gone test if you see the same problem with for example the scheduler for motion detection.
I don´t know what you mean by restart? Is like a reboot with NCS open or do close NCS first and then reboot or …
If you just do a reboot with NCS open it can cause some problems since the files in real-time systems are open and therefore not closed correct. If that is the case when configured the zones do also a Save on NCS and test.

It can also be that NCS windows client use port 8120 and 8124 to work correct. Check if something else is running on these port numbers.