Problem to connect my ip camera

I got a PLV-NC811K but are unable to connect it to NCS.
I did try the Connect custom IP camera video feed in Netcam Studio guide without any luck.
It’s working with the CMS program I got with the camera and on

What am I doing wrong?

The camera is onvif compliant so this should be rather straight forward. Have you tested this:
In Netcam Studio add the camera as a custom stream of the format RTSP_TCP using the following URL

I have a camera very similar to this one, but under another brand that works fine with this URL. If this do not work you can download the onvif device manager (google and you will find where to download and tutorials). Install and start and it will find the camera. In the cam info you will find how to connect using rtsp.

Like rtsp://admin:@ That only gives me a black screen.

I got Onvif Device Manager and I get a good picture in it. But not in Netcam :confused:

You forgot the password


Even when I don’t have a password on the camera?
Still the same in Netcam :confused:

This might be the problem so please set a password on the camera and use that in the URL.

Then we have a new problem :smiley: How do I set a password to it?
When I try to set one in Onvif Device Manager I get an error “End of file or no input: Operation interrupted or timed out”

You need to enter the configuration of the camera so use the web browser, Internet Explorer, and connect to the camera using

Check the manual if the camera have a default password.

I got a password now, but still got the black screen :confused:

Strange. This usually works and you have set the stream to RTSP_TCP. Well, then I am of out of ideas for the moment. Probably you need to add something after the ip number rtsp://admin:PASSWORD@ but what that xxx is you must find in the manual or in the configuration setup the camera.

Like what? So I know what to look for.
Can it be like a camera ID?

Look for how to connect to the cam using rtsp.

Made it! rtsp:// is the rtsp for my camera :slight_smile:
Big thanks!

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Excellent! I am just as happy as you are :grinning: This is not easy since it seems that every manufacturer must have their own way to connect to their cameras. Thanks for reporting back so next person can use this info!