Problem with Floureon HD54F PZT (it does not stop!) solved with ONVIF

Hello guys!
I’ve just installed netcam studio x64 and I have to say it’s really good software!
I will hopefully pass to the paid version soon as I need to access from another computer (using the server / client system).
I have a problem with my Floureon HD54F PZT IP (bought on Amxxxn I do not know if I can put the link) that is not included in the Floureon cam list.
I have selected the only one existing, I must say that everything works except the ptz, when I click any direction of the ptz the camera starts to turn on itself infinitely in the direction that I clicked.
The zoom is present but when I click there does not do anything.
The focus is not present instead?
I noticed in the log indicating:
Sending PTZ command: Left
Sending PTZ command: Move Stop
Async HTTP Command failed (
How could I solve?


Put info in ONVIF source and selected the profile MainStream UDP :slight_smile:

WAOWWWWWWWW :slight_smile:

The zoom work!

There are not buttons for the FOCUS :frowning: is normal?

ONVIF is excellent!

For focus i would like to know how i can change Focus near or far :slight_smile:

ps: i possibile too via onvif use the ptz funcion preset (1,2,3,ecc… to move the camera in a specified zone with a button)?

Preset seems to be a problem or not implemented yet in onvif. I have read several discussions about this with no luck.
Focus is fixed, but if you mean focal length or zoom you mentioned above that it works.