Problem with motion sensitivity settings

How to set up motion sensitivity?
At the moment i get like 500 empty recordings every day at every cam

tried alot, blob, blob and very low seems to be less sensitive?
tried like everything in settings, tried what i found in forum
threshold from -100 to 100 no diff
trig seems to work best at 15s?

Happy to get some advice

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Have you tried switching to motion view and finding out what is triggering the recordings? There might be something you need to mask out.

Some advise as darkstar, check the motion view to find what is reponsible.

Do you have noise or decompression issues (graphical bugs) which can also trig unwanted alerts ?

Tried to have just one square activated in detection zones.
But it seems it triggers movement outside the marked zone.

How can I see if graphical bugs trigger?
I use some cheap chinacams so that could be the issue?

Hi mickebo! For some time ago I had problems with this also. I did the following:

  • set motion to record a video when motion is triggered. View the video and you should see what triggers the motion system. If nothing can be seen do the following.
  • place a black paper infront of the camera to check if the system still trigger for motion. If the system trigg for motion you most likely have an electrical problem that generates a very short distortion in the “electrical image” sent to the software. This distortion in the image is interpreted by the mathematical algorithm as a motion and start a recording. I had this problem with one of my cams and it was caused by the power supply.

tried with other power supply with no difference
tried the black paper thing, and i can see some flickering (with 3 psu)

so graphical bugs due to cheap chinacams might be the issue

Along these same lines with figuring out these motion detection settings, I get a ton of false triggers at night (every few minutes) with bugs flying around in front of the camera. I’ve tried all kinds of things to reduce the sensitivity, but can’t get anything to make a difference. Any advise?!

Borrowed this cam and tried, but I still get the same amount of empty recordings.
It still seems to record even if there is no motion in my detection zone.
No flickering with black paper.
Tried with a UPS to filter my AC current.
Played around with settings.

Tricky! Now you have tested the cam, power supply … How about another computer, reinstalling the software, …?

Hmm, looks like at least I have the same issue. The recording is triggered when motion is detected outside of the marked area (checked this in the motion view of the camera).
This happens on all of my cameras.

For me it works as it should. However, I discovered that the sensing area is the non-masked (transparent) area. The masked/black area is not the sensing area ;).

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Ah, thanks for the quick answer - this works for me as well. :smile:
A happy new year!

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Thanks, to you also!

well mowed to older, but more powerful server
HP microserver g8 G1610T - > dual Xeon L5630 and some nice hardware raid :smile:
will cost more in those electricity bills… thoooo :frowning:

seems fine for a goood while now

was like 30 - 101 % cpu
Now like 2% - 6% cpu

but, my ts, my plex, my owncloud, my torrents, my ownhab, mypfftttt lol
hosted too


Now we are talking hard core computers ;). Dual Xeon = 8 cores! That usually do the trick.

old HP server i got for free :smile:
needed some upgrades that came cheap on ebay, aliexpress
now running dual low power xeons, hotswap hardware raid 5 (18tb), redundant fans, redundant psu, ups
maybe 24tb more if moneys enuf lol

is about 100w and my old about 30w, but noisy as hell, lol (cellar)
aiming at 7 cams

wud be nice with hardware recommendations
as per camera
since its easy to get addictive to this software :smiley:

I run NCS on HP Servers and it works very very well! NCS is extremely stable.Yes, HP servers can be very noisy, but also very quiet if you get the configuration correct. Depending on the age of the server the speed of the fans are controlled by the iLO system. Check in the iLO if you have all sensors there. If a temp sensor is missing, usually the one that measures the temp in the RAID controller, the fan speed go to very high. Normally the speed of the fans should be 10-15%. Now you have 2 processor so it might be a little higher.

Recommendations of cameras. Well, as usual it depends on your budget and for what you will use the cameras. But since you got the server for free … As you will use NCS check if the cam is on the predefined template list (the easy way to connect). If it is not and you like the camera check that the camera can stream rtsp and it use h.264. Megapixel cams always use that protocol today. If you want audio it is mpeg4 and h.264 that can deliver both video and audio. The quality of the image from the cam depends a lot on the optics and that part is usually a little bit more expensive. Do a search on the camera name and rtsp. Then you probably find info in forums how easy/difficult it is to handle the camera.
Good luck. -Henrik

when i had some wireless cams I had very frequent NCS crashes, wiring them and I have no crashes at all.
Changed my fans to noctuas, some soldering there, works nice
tried all settings in ILO and BIOS and these Noctuas makes me use enhanced cooling (still more silent than stock fans). I also put new cooling paste and some extra fans… (nerdy, me noooo lol )

raidcontroller says hdd #2 is warm… so im at like 15%-55% fans

hardware request is more like
1 cam xcpu
2 cam xxcpu
99 cam triple xxxxxxx cpus

and i find my cams in onvifdm but never in NCS
still works fine with adress from onvifdm

wifi is a no no ;).
In the latest version NCS 1.3.2 onvif have been improved also to better find onvif cameras. Test that one.

Even on wifi NCS should not crash. The video stream can be lost or degraded but if Netcam Studio is crashing please reproduce the issue with Netcam Studio X and send the crash report.

If have some wifi cameras as well part of my tests, on peak hours on evening i am even losing them sometime but still NCS manages with this and tries its best to reconnect when possible.

Stability is the top priority, the only requirement is that you use the latest version since i usually discard the crash report from non-actual versions.