Problem with video decoding


I am getting video tearing/blocking on one of my 720/1080p sources while either viewing in the NCS client, Web client, or on recorded video. It’s a Foscam FI9900P and it makes no difference which bit rate or resolution.
It’s setup as a custom URL with RTSP UDP Stream. rtsp://admin:#######@
The video is perfect when viewed through VLC using the same URL, or in a browser directly connected to the camera, and even in ONVIF Device Manager
You can see examples here:

Of course the blocking/tearing is random and those are just some samples of what it looks like. It comes and goes, but it shows up at least every few seconds.
I have tried all the decoders available in NCS and there are some differences in the tearing, but they all show it. Also multithreading doesn’t make any difference.

I am not sure where to go from here.

This is typical from packets arriving and being handled in wrong order due to UDP mode.

Switching the camera and NCS to TCP should hopefully fix the problem.

Excellent, that worked. Also I was just going to write back that I changed the source to use the ONVIF source instead of a custom URL, and the problem went away.

Thanks for the quick response.