Problems logging in with mobile app

I’m running Netcam studio 64bit v1.2.5.0 and have it configured and everything is working great. The only problem I’m having issues with is getting the mobile app to work on either of my Android devices. When I attempt to login using the android app from either of my devices I get "Login Failed - Error: Unknown Error (400).

I’ve tried from both my tablet and smartphone and have tried unistalling and re-installing the app on both devices. I know my username and password is correct as I can use them fine to login from the client when installed on another desktop PC. I get the same error regardless of whether I’m trying to connect to the server from the same LAN or from outside via a port forward to the server on port 8100. Also, if I intentionally use an incorrect username/password combo I get a different error (Login Failed - Invalid username or password) so I know it is authenticating properly.

Anybody have any ideas what else I could try?

Hm, tricky situation. I am running the same setup with no problem. There is one more thing you can test. Start the web browser from your tablet, cell or computer and connect to NCS using ip:port. There you have the regular “blue” login page. Below the login you have a small llink that says Mobile version. Click on that link and enter the login info and connect. Now you use the app way to NCS. Do you receive the same error code? If yes, I would reinstall NCS. I am using app version 3.2.0.

This took some time but has been identified and solved. Apparently occurs for some users either upgrading from previous versions and when creating new users account. The problem is at NCS level (not the mobile app directly).

Please give a try to 1.2.7 which is available here until published officially: