Problems setting up cameras

I have just set this up as new software to replace iSpy that kept crashing.The first cam works fine (MS Lifecam). However the second camera (HP webcam) just shows a black screen and resolution of 0x0. It works just fine in another bit of software. I was hoping to remove the camera and reinstall it but I can’t seem to. Nothing makes it forget the settings it has - reinstall, uninstall and reinstall - nothing. How do I get it forget the settings it has, so I can start from scratch?

I have the same problem. The HP webcam just shows a black screen and resolution as 0x0. Did you find a solution to this?

In which other software does the camera work. Did it work in iSpy? Did it still work when other cameras were connected and running?

Often, this symptom of black screen / 0x0 resolution comes from the fact the camera is either behind an usb extender or on a port with not enough bandwidth (because another devices / camera is using it).

There is however maybe a probelm specific to this HP Camera.

Did you check if it works with webcamXP ?

I have the same problem with HP internal laptop camera. webcamXP just shows blackscreen and camera light is not even on. When I use other programs yawcam, skype or any camera program, it works just fine. Hope this can be fix.

In both webcamXP and NCS you have tried to have only this camera connected, no other camera software running and it results in the same ?

Are you 100% sure that the camera is not in use in the background by any other app (Skype) ?

It’s really strange that it fails in both webcamXP and in NCS. For NCS, it can happen unfortunately, since it’s written in .NET there are a few limitations / restrictions but in webcamXP which is a native app with full directshow support, it’s more surprising… Yawcam relies on Video For Windows I think which is not supported anymore since really long time however Skype also relies on directshow therefore if it works in Skype, it should work in webcamXP as well…

Im 100% sure no background program or service is using the camera as everything is turn off in order to allow webcamxp to use camera. I tried different camera software and all uses the camera just fine. So strange it not working in webcamxp. Only getting the black background and resolution of 0x0. If I try to select a resolution, webcamxp hangs/not responding and i have to close it via task manager. I tried NCS and it works just fine, just doesn’t work with webcamxp. Hope this helps

Edit: Also I search HP Truevision HD (Physical object name) in processexplorer and it return o matches. Even with camera selected as source from webcamxp.

Unfortunately not much we can do. If there is one specific camera / usb driver (which we do not have btw) that is not compatible, the only thing we can suggest is switching to netcam studio.

Okay thanks. Will look elsewhere. Thanks for all the help though

Edit: Tried using a virtual camera software (CyberLink Youcam) and now it working when I select as source in webcamxp.

Brilliant. You install youcam and select its driver as the camera !