Problems with audio from IP Webcam Android source

Hi there,

I’m trying to add to my Netcam Studio server (currently successfully connected to a wifi camera) an old Android Phone that I’ve restored to act as a network camera using IP Webcam Android software and its front camera. I’m surprised that this piece of software works so well and offers so many options. :slight_smile:

I’ve done the connection successfully using the profile “Android - IP Webcam”, but I get no sound, even activating “Audio over HTTP” with both AAC and PCM options.

I’ve then tried to connect using rtsp urls provided. This urls work ok using VLC, and I get audio, but when I insert them into Netcam Studio, I get a continuous “click” every fraction of second. I can barely hear the current audio in the background, but the clicks are so much annoying. I’ve tried both ulaw and pcm rtsp urls.

Any ideas? I can provide you access to this camera so you can analyze the stream if it can help in any way.

Thanks a lot!

EDIT: the click is more frequent working in PCM mode than in uLaw mode (twice I would say).

Yes, that ticking noise was … annoying :slight_smile:
Do the following:
-in settings Decoding/Encoding set to software_vlc and restart.
-connect the IP Webcam using the tab for Custom URL.
-set stream type to rtsp_tcp
-URL rtsp://:@camIP:8080/h264_pcm.sdp

That gives best performance and no ticking sound :slight_smile: Some tweaking of internal software might be necessary, but this is the first cam I have seen this on.


You’re right. What a difference just changing to software_vlc. Clicks are now away and video is a little more fluid.

Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

PD: Now I must find the way to keep the camera on and battery charging… but that’s not your fault. :slight_smile:

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