PTZ controls do not show with Logitech HD Webcam C615

I am using this popular webcam and the PTZ controls so not show up on the video screen. PTZ Local Source is on but grayed out, I cannot change it but yet the PTZ controls do not show on the video box though it is turned on. Any help?

Because this camera has no physical (mechanical) Pan & Tilt, therefore it’s not supported.

Okay that makes sense to a degree. I am evaluating the software against iSpy and iSpy does control this camera with PTZ. It is software PTZ and I would have thought Netcam was capable of this also. Would this be implemented at some point?

ISpy has too many limitations on file transfer and web access to make it viable. Their subscription business model is flawed. I could not imagine paying a monthly fee to use their software. So far Netcam is meeting my needs.

I have noticed a software in my systray called ‘Device Monitor 4’ is that part of Netcam for the camera capture?

Netcam Studio also has software PTZ for all kind of sources but only locally in the Client (or in Netcam Studio X).

Just use the scroll of your mouse and then you can move around by drag / moving withing a camera window.

No this is unknown to me and not a part of Netcam Studio

Okay thanks. :no_mouth: