Ptz , picture size, remote storage

I can not figure out how to enable the ptz features. I have Onvif compatible. How do you enable the ptz controls

How do you make camera vidoe fill the window, my pic is small

last how do you store record data on a server

Hi Mark!
In NCS onvif is only used for discovery of the URL at this time. PTZ from onvif is in the pipeline. So PTZ is not possible today. The only way to enable PTZ is to make a template with the correct PTZ command for that camera. Do the camera have a template?

The video picture in the windows client is related to the resolution of the camera. Check in the camera configuration what resolution you have with that URL you use. If you use onvif you can select Custom URL to see the actual URL that is used.

Store recordings on a server other than NCS is running on. In the settings you can select the location of the Library.