PTZ Presets in Webclient & App

I‘m using NCS for some weeks now and i’m Still really happy with it. It works perfectly.
But I miss a feature:
Would it be possible to add Buttons to call the PTZs Presets?
The problem is, that I still need to go to the webcams website to call the Presets. Ok, i can use the direct control, but this is not sufficient, because I only need to select some fixed positions. Another problem is, that I must drive to the “normal” position afterwards, because my motion mask has to be aligned to the position of the camera. For that reason I must move to the exact correct position and this is not as easy. Depending on the internet connection it is sometimes like driving a Mars-Robot. :wink:

Buttons for calling the PTZ Presets would make it so much easier.


Hi Fabian,
I am glad you like the software! I do that also :slight_smile: Adding presets sounds not that difficult, but actually we need to find out many more commands for the camera to be implemented in the predefined template. Finding the correct commands for the basic PT is difficult today. This together with that we focus on surveillance with motion detection where cameras usually are finally fixed in position presets have not been on the menu. However, I will put this on the wish-list and if there are more licensed user that have this interest it will be under consideration.

Thank you for your answer. All my PTZ cameras are connected over ONVIF. Getting a list off all available presets and moving to one of them is part of the ONVIF standard. Maybe this feature is only available for all cameres which are linked over ONVIF.
(In my opinion, there is no need anymore to use the camera templates. I can imagine, that it is a lot of work to keep this list updated. All modern cameras are supporting the ONVIF Standard.)
I’m also a developer and for me it makes for fun to implement new features than keeping a list of supported devices up2date. :wink:

Hi Fabian,

ONVIF is certainly something important and good and when it comes to the video/audio part is works quite good. For the PTZ many manufacturers need to update their firmware to make it work correct. I certainly encourage people to buy onvif compliant cameras, but there are many many cameras out there that are very good that do not use onvif. So templates will be around for more years to come. Just for a week ago I made a new template for a well known brand that is still on the market. ONVIF includes a lot of parameters, but we do not implement them all in NCS so far. As the standard becomes better and accurate we will also follow that.

Developing is fun, but it is also to prioritize all the fun stuff that can be included. Keep in mind that you get a complete software for free for 2 cams and the licenses are quite low cost. I don’t know how you get paid, but money is sort of interesting at the end of the month :slight_smile:


@Henrik I would love this feature too, as needing to load up the Camera’s web page to call the PTZ Presets can take time on a mobile. I’ve purchased a license yesterday and the software is PERFECT apart from the inability to call PTZ Presets :slight_smile:

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Thanks for suggestions and support. I will forward this.

Amazing. Thank you @Henrik :slight_smile:

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@Henrik Do we have any plans yet for PTZ presets to be included? :slight_smile: Maybe just for people with a paid license even? :slight_smile: