PTZ with reolink rlc-511

Hi there,
we bought the reolink RLC-511 and want to use it with NCS. The integration via ONVIF works without problems. But the control via PTZ does not work. We have tested all settings without success.
Is there a trick to integrating the camera? It works with the ONVIF Device Manager.

thank you

PTZ should also work. Both Netcam Studio and Reolink follows the ONVIF standard, but sometimes it doesn’t work for some reason we don’t know. You can test to copy the ONVIF Discovery URL from ODM into the tab for ONVIF Source, enter credentials (with no special characters) and click on Get Profiles.

I tried that with no success. I tried full and shortened URL, PTZ doesn’t work.
Is there a recommendation for a current outdoor camera with zoom?

We have recommendations in the forum, but I don’t think any have zoom. If you check under Custom URL you have the camera URL. Write the URL here and I can check if a predefined template can match.

The custom URL is rtsp://admin:XXXX@

Found other Reolink, but none with PTZ.

okay, we search for another camera adn try to test it.