Puah notifications pictures and list of messages

1.Is it possible to attach a snapshot in the puah notification message?
2. Can I see the liat of messages? I only see the last one when I get more than one.

Thank you

1.In the settings for the email notification. Check the option for LibraryReport and see if that also affects the push notification.
I forward your question to developer @Steve

Hi Henrik
1 .the setting for the email notification does not help the push notfication
2. is there an answer
3. another question I have is how to configure the motion display - I have set it to Area but in the video it records I don’t see the motion display at all so I can’t know what triggered the motion sensor - can you help me with that please?

Thank you!

I would say no. Possible in mail notification is a yes. I will push this to @Steve.
Today we do not have the feature to be able to also record what triggered the motion sensor. I have actually asked for this also since I thin it would be great to see this in difficult situations and for optimizing or rather minimizing false events. The problem is that this will need one or two extra transformations of video formats which use a lot of CPU power. When everything was in VGA it was not a major problem, but today when cameras are 2-3-4 megapixels this is a big problem as the CPU load increase very fast. So as of today we do not have this.