Push notifications are broken

I have never been able to get push notifications to work whatsoever. My settings are correct, I’ve installed and reinstalled. Potentially something to do with my license? Any ideas?

Hi Anthony!
That doesn’t sound so good. So here is a list:
-license should not be a question since push notice works with and without license.
-how many cams do you have license for?
-when you connect with the NCS App to NCS the first time you get a question about enabling push notification.
-check the Rule Manager so that PushNotifications is enabled.
-if nothing of the above works do a clean installation of NCS. First use the installation program and Remove NCS. Then go to C:\ProgramData\Moonware and delete the folder for Netcam Studio. Then go to C:\Program Files and delete the folder for Netcam Studio.
-install NCS again.
-connect to NCS with the APP and you should get the question about enable Push notifications.
-when it works do the license process.

Good luck,