Push notifications in 1.5.1

I’m just getting around to trying push notifications for the first time. I found the howto for the 1.3.7 version (setting EnableCentral=true) in the config file - but that doesn’t seem to work for

How do I enable push notifications in I have not yet registered with Netcam Studio Central.

I am a licensed user so as I understand it I am eligible for up to 250 push notifications per day.

thx much.

Hi David,
Yes, the manual is very old and a new one is on the way!
Now it is very easy to have Push notifications. Do this:
-install the mobile app 4.01. When you add a new server it asks if you want to enable Push notifications. Answer yes.
-in NCS go to the settings for Rules. There you already have a rule for Push notifications. Click on that one, configure and enable.
-this is all, enjoy.