Push Notifications Limit

Hi, how do I increase the push notifications limit, I can see a setting for it in the server, I’ve reinstalled the client apps but I’m still getting “Daily Quota Reached” after 5 messages, can anyone advise?

I have purchased a 16 cam license.

Since you have a license this limitation should be removed. I check on this.

Was that straight after entering the license or did you in the meantime restart NCS and allow 1-2 days ? There are sessions on the server and maybe the session is still considered as a free version one. Usually the limitation will go away by itself or restarting NCS after having entered the license should also force a renewal and a new session on the push server.

The license was purchased and applied on the 21/01.

Since creating this post I have seen another post where a user was having the same problem, they fixed it by uninstalling and totalling removing all traces of NCS studio and then re-installing and applying the license again, I have tried this and it has worked for me, it now says 250 for notification limit.

OK, fine thanks

Hi Henrik.
I have the same problem - should I uninstall and install again or do you have a smoother solution for me?

thank you

Sorry no, but you should install the new version 1.7 where this problem should be fixed :wink:. New version is on the website www.netcamstudio.com

I installed the new version but still the same problem. shod I uninstall first or delete some files?

after uninstalling and installing again - still the same problem.

Ok, try this. In this Library C:\ProgramData\Moonware\Netcam Studio\Server it is a file called
Lic.dat. Delete that file and restart NCS. Enter the license number again. Works?
ProgramData is a hidden folder so make that visible first in the control panel.

Wait 24h since it is the cycle of the server, but it should change ASAP.


Thanks Henrik. after 24 hours it worked

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