Push Notifications

I searched the forum and can only find conversations going back 6 years regarding push notifications. I have Netcam server on my computer at home with 3 cameras. I have the ios app on my phone. I want to be able to receive push notifications when motion is detected. Currently i have to use the pushsafer api to do this as I cant figure out how to get it to work through the Netcam App. As you can see from the picture below it is executing the push notification but I am not receiving anything on my phone. Any advice?

In the settings in the iOS App make sure that Push Nots is enabled. Restart the iOS App. The function works only over SMS and not over Internet.

Same for me re push notifications not working. If I delete and reinstall the app, sign in, it offers me push notifications, which I accept. Works once then no more notifications until I delete the app and start again. Possibly a bug somewhere?

Search this forum for push notifi and there are more solutions.
Test this one. In Android goto App info for NCS App. Go to Storage and Clear Cache and also Clear data. You can test to uninstall and install again. Start the NCS app and config the server.

There is no notificaion in iOS application.
/// > Settings > Push notification switch is completely grayed/disabled in the app.
Of course notifications of NCS is enabled in iOS’s settings, and in Rules manager too.
App have been reinstalled , but this not helped me.
Any idea?

In the App - Storage, clear the cache and the stored settings. Add configuration again.

I did it in Settings menu.
I reinstalled the app on my iphone, I registered push notification pop-up stuff.
I completely reinstalled my server to the latest version (until today I used 1.9.2)
Everything works as expected, in the rule manager I see the last execution datetime of push notification.
but there is no notification arrive to my phone. :thinking: