Questions about protocol N1, zigbee protocol, zosi nvr/cameras


First of all, I want to congratulate and thank you for the software you make.
I have a NVR K9504-w : I try to connect cameras/nvr to netcam studio …
I was confused because I saw onvif on one of the menu in the NVR : but it seems it is used to connect others camera to the NVR.
I saw another protocol : N1 . does net cam studio support this protocol now or in the future ?
i saw a post about zosi cameras/nvr : I have tryed different settings but no way
does some succed to configure those cameras ?
For information cameras are labelled as zosi but in the properties there are described as IPC hardware versio 1.3.0 software version …

Another question : i would like to konw if it is possible to connect external devices as smoke detector, or button pusher ( see Bakeey 433Mhz RC10 SOS Draadloze noodknop - ) to netcamstudio ? I believe there is a zigbee protocol.

Thank you

Hi Tony,
Most likely the cameras support the ONVIF standard. IPC is a popular maufacturer of electronics that support ONVIF. Login to the cameras and make sure that ONVIF is enabled. Probably you cannot connect the cameras to the NVR and Netcam Studio at the same time. So do not have the cameras connected to NVR. Add the cameras to NCS using the tab for ONVIF source and click on Browse. You should find the cameras in the listing.

An alternative is to have the cameras connected to the NVR and then connect NCS to the NVR with the correct URL. Use the tab for Custom URL.

Never heard of N1. The industry standard is ONVIF.

External devices cannot be connected. In Settings Rules you can see what can trigger an event and generate an action.