Random Video Recordings Missing

Version Info: Netcam Studio X (x64) v1.3.7.2
Retention Period: 10 days
Max library size: 150 GB

Now that I am backing up my motion activated recordings elsewhere, I have notice that either (1) Netcam is not deleting the recordings correctly or (2) it is randomly deleting recordings (by date).

For example, I have recordings for 20161001, 20161019, 20161106, 20161107 and 20161108 (today). I also have recordings going all the way back to Feb 2016 (random dates). The size of the recording directory is only 87.2 GB (as of today).

Why is it deleting files/directories less than 10 days old (my retention period, but still within my library size limit) and why didn’t it delete the older files/directories first?

If I was to manually delete the files/directories, how do I re-sync the library? I also notice that the date with recordings no longer highlighted in blue like the older Netcam version.


Hi Yoda!
Yes, you are most likely correct. A problem with deletion after retention period and max library size was discovered for some time ago. Since then these functions have been rewritten and a test version have been running for more than a month now. I am myself using the new version for about 2 weeks with good results. If you want to test the unofficial new version NCS you can download it here. It´s the file that is just about 2 weeks old. Dropbox - NCS13 - Simplify your life

After you have cleaned the Library from old files start a re-indexing like this. Install the new version 1373. Change the location of the storage of the Library to some folder on the disk. Start NCS and let it create new folders and save some files. Now, change back to the original location. The re-indexing will start automatically. Another way is to stop NCS, delete the Library database file located C:\ProgramData\Moonware\Netcam Studio\Server and start NCS. A re-indexing will now start.

Good luck,