Raspberry Pi as Network Camera

Anyone using it here ? I often have questions for templates and suggestions in this direction.

If so, which solution are you using to stream?

I have ordered a Rasberry Pi 2 so that I can ensure compatiblity with Netcam Studio.

I will give a try to MotionPie and Kerberos.

If there are other nice alternatives, please share them here

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The best solution when using a Raspberry Pi as a network camera, is to use this: https://github.com/ccrisan/motioneyeos/wiki
Load up the image on an SD card, boot your Pi, browse to the IP address of the Pi from another computer’s web browser, set some options, and you are done. Add to Netcam Studio using a URL like this:
It works so friggen good, it’s amazing. Especially the FASTCAM mode if you have a PiCamera. Highly recommended, easy to setup, and super inexpensive. Checkout the Wiki for motioneyeos. The only thing it doesn’t do is sound, but I think someone is working on that feature.