Raspberry Pi3 as Netcam Studio Server

I am planning to install Windows 10 to my raspberry Pi3 and use it as IP camera service computer.
Does the program run fine on Raspberry pi3 performance level as service?
I just need to have permanent recording to my NAS for 8 Full HD Onvif IP Cameras.

regards, Ismo

8 FullHD Cameras on a 1.2GHz ARMv8 CPU and 1GB Ram ??

It’s not even required to try because no it’s not even close from what you need to stand the requirements.

Maybe an i7 with 16GB Ram will do. You can eventually use the Raspberry Pi as a Network camera (if you have the camera module) but not as server for such needs.

Win 10 IoT permit to run only 1 Universal Windows Platform… not possible to use raspi w10 as computer …

So i’m in devellop a simple UWP for juste display in realtime some ipcamera …