Reboot router, camera no longer streams on web

Hello, I recently purchased Netcam Studios and all was working great until I rebooted the router. Now the program no longer streams to my webpage at
This was working fine until I rebooted the router. The ftp still image works fine to the website so the my IP isn’t being blocked by the host.
I checked the port forwarding and it’s all configured to the right address and ports. I checked the firewall and it’s allowing NCS to go through.I restarted the program, rebooted the computer, and rebooted the router again, and still no luck.
Any ideas?
Thank you for any advice.

If you used the admin account to generate the html code the token will change. Use a dedicated user account just for that stream, generate a new html code to embed.
Are you sure port 8100 points to NCS computer. It stopped working after a router reboot. Or do you have a dynamic IP that changed? Ftp works the other way.

I created a new account called cam1, that didn’t work so I created another called cam2 and changed the code on my page as required.
The local IP address changed, and I updated the port forwarding to reflect the change, but the external IP address remained the same.
I have the ncs computer port forwarded to 8100. Do I need to port forward to 888 to anything?
Yes, all I did was reboot the router. :frowning:

Set NCS computer to static IP. Then it will not change at router reboot.
Port 888 is not involved. Only 8100.

Got it! Boy I feel like a fool. I had one dot after the address on my webpage. Getting old is a bummer!!!
Thank you for your help!
One other question though, is there any way to have the timelapse videos overwrite themselves To the same file name daily to upload to my webpage? For example, I have a weather website, and having daily timelapse videos will be cool to have. If they could be overwritten daily to the same file name so I can upload a daily timelapse video to the site, using the same link, that would be awesome. Is there any that can happen?

These small dots … :slight_smile:
Netcam Studio can do that with taking a picture with a certain time interval and upload with FTP, but not with Time-laps. However, it should be possible to make a bat or command file and rename that file in Windows or with an external program.

That sounds like something to look into. I don’t have any experience with that so I’ll have to do some reading up. Or maybe submit it as a feature request for an upcoming version!! :wink:
Thank you!