Recherche caméra IP extérieur ieGeek 720/1080p efficaces et stable - de 100€


Bonjour a tous,
Nouveau sur le forum et passionnée d informatique…
Je recherche pour un futur achat, une caméra IP extérieur 1080 de bonne facture ( capteur 1 ou 2 méga)
Compatible Net Cam Studio.
Avec détection la plus efficace possible ( pour éviter les fausses alertes)
Masquage de zone, FTP, email, gestion infrarouge, etc
Prix max 100 €


Que penser vous de ce produit ?
Sachant que la version 720 et prie en charge par NCS, si je prend la 1080 sera telle compatible avec NCS ?



Hi Walti,
I assume it is this camera in English version :slight_smile:
I have no experience of this camera so search on Internet what other users know.
From the Customer Q&A I read that the camera support the ONVIF standard and also use the protocol rtsp for streaming of video and audio.
NCS support the ONVIF standard. When you add a camera to NCS use the tab for ONVIF Source. If that do not work it seems that ieGeek cameras use the URL rtsp://cameraIP:554/11 So in the tab for Custom URL set stream type to rtsp_tcp and use the URL rtsp://username:password@cameraIP:554/11
If all the information about the camera is correct this will work.
Notice also that a 1080p camera use more computer resources than 720p. FPS from the camera, recording FPS etc will also effect the cpu load.

Good luck!


Merci Henrik pour ces informations. J ai acheté ce produit en 720 p . Bonne journée Walti


Somethingn is wrong with this sentence because you say you want to use it with NCS but you want it to have a good movement detection ? but if you want ot use it with NCS you do not have to take care about internal detection.

I also see it is P2P camera a vulnerability has been recently discovered with P2P cams that use iLnkP2P library, I don’t know if this one use it.

I see it uses low price HiSilicon chipset.

Street price is a bit expensive for such low quality chinese cameras.

You can answer in french if you want.


Price I see is 89, but I do not speak French. I have 2 Hiks not listed on Netcam but they work fine under other models name.


Merci Dimi pour votre réponse et pour votre suggestion… J’ y reflechie pour un futur achat… bonne journée . Walti


I have several Hiks also with good results. They all support ONVIF so when adding the camera use the tab for Onvif Source.


:fu: Merci Henrik pour l information