Recommended DVR (8 Channel / 16 Channel)

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I have several systems, a Zosi 8 Channel DVR, unfortunately they don’t supply RTSP/HTTP even after contacting support, even their Zosi client doesn’t work as they state the DVR I have is old. So I’m after a new cheap 8 channel or 16 channel DVR to replace this with, is there a recommended one? I’m looking for ONVIF support as the 3 SRICAM I have worked a treat, these are individual network cameras. How will it connect to a DVR on the network, will each camera have it’s own IP address or just the DVR itself and then from that will it let me select sources/channels?

Even if the Brand or Models isn’t listed per se in your Brands / Models under Network Camera, if it has ONVIF support will it likely work no problems? Would you advise I post which DVRs I’m considering before buying. I’m thinking of this one:



I have a 16 source paid license for Netcam Studio - currently on an old Windows 10 laptop - if I decide to use a PC instead will be license automatically transfer and be reactivated okay?

I love Netcam Studio, especially the icons :slight_smile:
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Hi Sean,
I have only experience from one all TCP/IP DVR that I have connected to Netcam Studio. The URL use one IP and then different channels representing different cameras. But you must know the URL. I had to contact the manufacturers support to get the URL. So do that before you buy. Your systems above are all analog so be careful.

Changing from laptop to PC will result in an unlicensed version. Just send the license number to support and it will be reset for new activation on the PC.

Many thanks that’s great, much appreciated.

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This unit: seems to support RTSP, will that work with Netcam Studio?

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Assuming the url is correct it should work with the tab for Custom URL.
Stream type rtsp_tcp or rtsp_udp.
Format for url is normally

There was a correction in the url: