Recommended motion detection setting for dark hallway with sensor light


I am struggling to get my motion detection setup. I have a 720p camera mounted indoors in a hallway which is almost completely dark. There is a ceiling light which is triggered by a PIR IR sensor when someone enters.

So my image changes from completely black to fully lit (and a person walking). This triggers motion and a recording as it should.

Then about a minute later the sensor light switches off triggering motion again.

Is there anyway to avoid the second event?

Can I avoid the change of light triggering motion and only make it look for an actual moving object like a person?

Cheers, Thomas

Yes, this is a challenge. Actually, I have the same situation in one of my setups just now. When the light is turned on it saturates the camera sensor and NCS detect it as a change and start recording. When the light is turned off it also is a big change in the camera sensor and is detected by NCS and a recording is started. All motion algorithms are based on changes in intensity between camera pixels. Since the system do not know in advance what is triggering a motion it starts a recording. The difference between Blo, Frame etc is when things are normal. A saturation of the sensor is not normal.
The only way should be to have som function so when it goes from ON to OFF it should not record. However, if someone comes in the hall at the same time and the light goes ON again. What happens?
There could also be a post-analytic function of all the short files that check if they have something interesting. If not delete them. Too smart functions can sometimes rule out what´s interesting.
Most likely there are softwares out there that can handle this, but probably with another pricetag.
For me, I am just using the default settings and I am also using Detection zones to rule out what I know should not be of interest if it trigger a recording. Maybe you can test that depending on where the lights are.
I am taking the extra files to be on the safe side.

Ok, thanks for your reply. Would there be a way to look for a minimum time (duration) of motion? The saturation takes about a second. So if I could configure it so see at least 2 to 3 seconds of motion before it is triggered as an event that could also work. Similar to what you can set in a Synology NAS (ignore short motion).

One more question: I read in another thread about the Threshold value. It was said it is in auto mode when you enter zero or you can set a value above zero manually. It was also explained it looks at an amount of change in the total picture. My question what does the number in the settings represent? Is it a percentage? So will 100 (%) be the maximum number I should enter?

In principle I agree that would be nice, but it is also a dangerous setting. It can also be someone that use a flashlight to saturate the camera and that recording do you want. We try to avoid too many settings that can do more harm than good. So most likely no and also I have to live with these extra recordings.

About the second part. Zero is for auto calibration which finds the average noise in the system. That value can be above zero. Value of 1 is extremely low. Basically on 1 as soon as any group of pixel is seen as moving it will trig motion detection. When you use Threshold manually check at the same time the signal bar. When any movement is yellow in the signal bar and below the vertical line there is no trigger. So the setting depends on scenario and what you want to detect. It´s a value and goes up to 255 if i remember correct. Also, for that camera use the menu View - Motion where it is shown in red in the image what triggers motion detection.