Record at all times, alert on schedule

Is it possible to only trigger recording when there’s motion detected, but only alert during a certain time period. For instance, I work M-F 8-5, I would like recording done for all motion events at all times, but I don’t need to be notified from 6-7 (non working hours) and on weekends. I see that I can use separate times for recording and for motion detection which is great, but I don’t need to consume all the disk by recording all the time when there’s nothing going on. Make sense?


Use motion detection 24/7 or when you schedule. Then it records only when something is going on. Alert via email cannot be scheduled separately. It follows the schedule for motion detection. Another solution is to add a home automation system for even better control.

Thank’s for the response. This seems like it would be fairly easy to implement as a feature. I can’t imagine I am alone in wanting to only be alerted during certain periods of time. I had been using a product called “iCamstudio” that accomplished this perfectly, however it does not work with my new camera.


Well, actually you are rather alone about that. What’s been discussed more is the possibility to turn on/off motion detection for all cams using only one command. That’s on the list. If implemented it will probably be in the mobile app.

I guess I will keep looking for something else that suits my needs a bit better then.

Thanks anyways!

Unfortunately that is not on the menu right now. I hope you find somethong that both can handle your cam and scheduling.
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Second that! Would be nice to separate motion & alert scheduling.
In a shop, you would like to have motion detection all the time (to record shop theft etc), but without alerting. But when you have motion at night, you would like to be alerted.


Apparently we’re quite alone with that thought.

Hey guys, don´t be so depressed. You made it to the list of “Suggestions from the forum”! So now I want a “Like” :slight_smile: Keep on suggesting new things to make it better and the best. You never know … :wink:
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You are not alone!!!

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