Recorded videos have no audio


Hi there,

I love the motion detection feature but when a video gets recorded there is no audio. Any ideas?



What camera is it and how is it connected to webcamxp/7?


Hi Henrik,

Thanks for your quick response! It’s the built in webcam on my Dell
Inspiron 15 running Windows 10.



Hi Randy,
In the configuration of an USB camera you need to enable both video and the audio. That might be the problem. Any reason why you dont’t use Netcsm Studio also from Moonware? It is the next generation after webcam.


Hi Henrik,

I didn’t know about NetCam Studio, I’ll check it out. Where do I configure
the cam? All I remember is choosing compression for audio and video (which
I leave at “none”). Video works fine, but there is no audio.

When I get home tonight I’ll check out NetCam Studio.



Go to NCS
In Webcam 7 you have it here



Thank you sir! Will do as soon as I get home this evening.



Hey Henrik,

i cant find this menu anywhere in webcam xp, the screen doesnt look like
that, it looks like this. Is this screen captured from NetCam Studio?


It is Webcam


Ahhhhhhh ok, now I got it. I tried that at first but it didn’t work.
However, sometimes the right click doesn’t work on the laptop.

Your software is awesome, I would like to write a review if you’ll tell me



Hi Randy,
I am glad you like it and problem solved.
We are very happy for a review! You can write it here: