Recording from Two Sources at the Same Time

I have two cameras pointing towards the front of my house and I should be able to get two recordings because of the movement. However, I’ve noticed that only one source will record at a time. Am I doing something wrong?

The software definitely is intended for recording multiple sources at time.

If you want to record both based on motion of a single one it’s also possible by modifying the rules in the rule manager.

Ok - I setup the rules for each individual camera. I have three cameras, and there is a “OnMotionStart > Start Recording” rule for each camera. Today, I had motion in front of two cameras, but only one camera recorded the motion.

What can I look at or change to make it record from multiple cameras if there is motion in front of multiple cameras.

I don’t think that the rules are wrong, even the default rule should do fine for doing what you want.

do you have similar errors than reported in this thread ?

No, I believe the schedule is setup correctly. I have all my cameras set to All Motion Detection. I just noticed today that I still won’t get multiple recordings.

Two cameras are faced towards the front of my house; One faces the driveway and the other faces the front door. The mail man just delivered a package to the house, but the only video/recording I have is of him at the door. I should have a recording of him walking up the driveway to the front door, but I dont.

Would it have something to do with the compression rate? I currently have it set to Fast. Could it be interferring with the recordings?

The schedule is probably setup correctly but I still more suspect that recording fails to start on one of the source and this is why it records only from the other one.

Please check the errors in the event viewer of netcam studio and post a screenshot here.

I too am unable to have two cameras recording at the same time.

Was there any resolution on this subject?

Hi David,
This is a strange situation. Make sure that:
-the Rules are set correct; on motion start-> start recording for any camera. Corresponding for on motion finished.
-scheduler for each camera is set.
-when motion detection is enabled there is a yellow frame around the video image.
-is it IP or USB cameras?


Using IP cameras.

OK. If nothing of the above works do a clean installation of NCS.
-start the installer and use Remove.
-delete the content of C:\ProgramData\Moonware\Netcam Studio\Server. You can keep what’s in the Library if you want.
-install NCS 1.6.2