Recording never stops after motion is detected

I have set up multiples Reolink cameras in netcamstudio 1.9.5

  • Using blobDetection
  • motion display = area
  • Motion sensibility = verylow
  • Treshold = 0
  • Frame interval is 200ms
  • Trig duration is 10 sec,
  • 50 frames pre-buffer
  • Maximum Record uration is 30 sec per file

When an object comes into the detection area I get a recording of the event, except from time to time it will never stop recording even after the object is no longer in the detection zone, the red bar will stay on, I see disk activity as new recording files gets created and deleted continuously.

In the log I have these entries repeatedly :

  • Started File Recording [MotionDetector]. Took 5 ms
  • File recording completed for Recording_2_20220522_140114_511.mp4 (00:00:01.5967318). Took 1588 ms
  • Discarding and Deleting recorded file because it was triggerd by motion detection but contains no motion (continued file). File name: N:_D2_OTHERBACKUP\NetcamStudio\Recordings\20220522\Recording_2_20220522_140114_511.mp4. Duration: 00:00:01.5967318

When that happens I have to press the stop recording button manually otherwise it will never stop.

Not sure what is going on:)

Not sure what happens, but I would start with default settings for all parameters and see how that works.

not sure what setting caused the issue, but the reset to default settings seems to have done the trick, thanks! Now I will only change one setting at a time, to make sure the problem does not happen again.

Excellent. That’s always a good strategy.