Recording Problem with some camera


I have 3 differents types of cameras.

  • TV-633ew (cotier)
  • TV-631 (cotier)
  • wamscan jw0006

I have a problem with the two last models (TV-631 and Wamscan) : the recording is not ok : when i try to record (with the button at the bottom of the image or with the scheduler function), Netcam create a mp4 file with only one frame (duration : 00:00:00) and stop recording (there’s also the red border around the image !).

With the first camera (TV-633ew), it’s OK, the recording is functionnal.

could-you help me with this problem ?



Hi Thierry!
Welcome to the forum! If you look in the Event Logs you will probably have an error message. What do that say?
Which URL did you use when you added the cams to NCS?


thank you for your reactivity.

In the event log, there is :

Error from Server in Source(0).Encoder.FileEncoder.WorkerThreadFFMEPG @ 13.06.2016 20:30:02.679

Exception in Loop
Exception Detail:La référence d’objet n’est pas définie à une instance d’un objet

The URL is :

The Wanscam seem to be older version regarding the VGA resolution and is predefined I see.
In principle it should no be any difference between the two Cotier cams.
Do this happens when you connect only one of the cams or is it when all the 3 cams are connected and running
Just checking, are you sure about the URL? For TV 631 I have:

In Settings - Decoding / Encoding one can change Decoding settings where Buffered is default. Change that to VLC and restart and see if any difference.


I have a similar problem recording JPEG with a Foscam.

‘Exception in Loop’ error in Event Log.

As it has already been answered a few times in the forums, either disable the background-encoding mode in the recording settings or download the latest

Hi Steve,

thanks, it works without this option. The Proccessor is now at 50% (versus 25% with the option) but it works.
But I don’t understand why it’s working with the TV-633ew with the backround encoding option?


Are you running ? Because it would be the first thing to try, based on your log I suppose it is

Anyway if currently it records only 1 camera and 2 do not work, recording 2 or 3 of them will anyway use more cpu so I’m not sure it’s really comparable at this stage.

Then if the preset is on ultrafast then it should use almost the same cpu as background-encoding, you probably won’t notice a huge difference…