Recording stops even if there is movement


Once movement is sensed the recording starts run for a few seconds, then stops, even if there is more movement. Is there away of letting the recording continue?


Hi John,
When you say run for a few seconds, how long time is that? In the configuration of MD by default the Trig Duration is set to 10s. This mean that when MD is triggered it will start recording for about 10 seconds. The file will be about 11-12 sec long since the pre-trigger buffer is about 2 seconds. If the MD is triggered again during this 10 sec the recording is extended. So vary that parameter and see what is going on.



Yep, 10 seconds, but I have noticed that if more movement happens it does not always keep recording

It can be more movement, but that is not the same as that MD i triggered. Movement can also get a yellow bar which is close to triggering. Make that MD-bar visible and you can better see what is going on. You can change both Sensibility and Threshold and see if that will get you where you want.