Recording stuttering/stalling on Motion detection

Recording issues - recording constantly stalling.
I have 5x HD webcams configured, and when motion is detected, recording will happen for a few seconds, then it freezezes then will continue sporadically. It is consistently doing this.
The timecode on the video also stops.
When watching live video there is no issues.
CPU is around 39-49%%.V1.3.6, Licensed for 16 sources.

Hi Joe!
When you say webcams, I assume USB connected, I get rather suspicious since the USB bus have a problem with many cams. Usually, it ends up with that users have to buy an external USB card to make it work. From your description something gets overloaded and I do not think the problem is NCS or the CPU. Have you tested to connect only one of these cams and how do that work? Add the next one …
Is the cpu load above is only for watching live cams and no motion, no recording? If so, then I change my mind about this. However, test with only one cam, add another … What is the CPU, OS and RAM?

I have the same problem with my IP cam when i record 24/7 and make files of 10 or 15 min.
First part of the recorded file is ok and then it freezes or is stuttering very badly.
That’s why i uninstalled my favorite program :frowning:
Live on screen everything looks ok.
(quadcore pc, 8gb memory,1Gb videocard,W10)

The cpu load you mention is that only for watching live? How many cams? Is it for no motion detection, no recording?

Try using a Self Powered USB 3.0 Hub. Also send full specs of computer system-- Make and models–AMD or Intel cpu,memory, harddrive SSD or Sata or not?


Sorry, I replied to Hendrik in an email…
I have 5 HD IP Webcams, all connected by 100mbit Ethernet.
CPU load is with 5 Active, motion detection enabled. does not seem ti

When motion is triggered the recording is ok for 5-6 seconds, then becomes erratic.

See the examples below. if you look at the datestamp/frame counter, you can see that the video is erratic.

Also attached some other screenshots for reference!AsFMmEB15Si_iJkcF69O5HS22xVS6w

Clone PC, Windows Server 2012R2
Intel i7-4790 CPU@3.6Ghz
32gb RAM
500GB SSD (O/S & Software)
5TB WD Mechanical Disk (for Video recordings)

Hi Joe!
Thanks for this valuable info! Reply by email goes to non-reply ;). Webcams are usually associated with USB, but when you write IP I assume the cams are connected to the LAN via RJ45. The computer have power enough. Somewhere a bell is ringing with another user with similar problem, I think. In the settings of the power options of the computer there are different options. To make this work the settings must be on “high power” or similar. It cannot be “balanced” or “economic” or what it is called. It must be full power all the way. I am not 100% about this, but check.

OK, so the power setting was set to Balanced (Options are: Balanced, High Performance, Power Saver).

I have changed to High Performance…will monitor and let you know. I can usually tell within a few hours.

My bad to refer to them as WebCams…they are connected via RJ45 @ 100Mbit. (Don’t trust wireless!).

Will update you as it develops.

@Gammapooka do you know what your power config is?



Update…power management changes did not seem to make any difference…still stuttering significantly…

Hm. If you have only one cam in motion det. and the others off. Still have this problem?
Is this a problem that occurred after an update or is it a new instillation using NCS 1.3.6.?
Here are some other things that you can check:

  • in the Task Manager can you see in Processes which Process that behaves like this.
  • when you start NCS X are there any failure messages?
  • change storage of videos to the other disk.
  • in Settings - Decoding/Encoding - Decoding Settings. Change to unbuffered or VLC. Restart between changes.

Now, I am out of ideas ;).